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To Jenny, Katie and Laura, From Their Brother, Victor

Laser Dragon September 3, 2015

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Now that’s a cool dragon. It was rendered using a classic technique.



Totalitarianisms September 2, 2015

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An imperfect allegory, but funny.

Update: Could computers make Communism work?


Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine September 1, 2015

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In 1961, the American Medical Association distributed this speech by actor-turned conservative Democrat, Ronald Reagan, on LP (Long Play) records.

Almost three score later, we may see his predictions proven right.



“Waters of March” August 31, 2015

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My favorite Portuguese song (and the only one I know.)



Update: My friend Stephanie brings up this Portuguese classic. Upon hearing it, I said, “Ahhhhh…”


A Live, Live-Action, First-Person Shooter August 30, 2015

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I’m saddened by deconsecrated churches, but I’m pleased to see this creative interplay of setting & technology, fiction & reality.



New 50’s Classics August 29, 2015

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The modern oldies are from Postmodern Jukebox which are better than the originals:





The Long Dark August 28, 2015

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In The Long Dark, you are bush pilot whose plane crashes in the Canadian backwoods after a mysterious geomagnetic disaster. It’s cold, and you spend the game surviving alone, looking for warmth, food, water, and other goodies until you die. And when you die in the game, it’s permadeath (your auto-save file gets deleted.) Understandably, this game feature ups the stakes for the gameplay decisions you make.

Rather than buying games, I enjoy watching gameplay video of them online. One YouTube series I watched on The Long Dark was hosted by an interesting and (necessarily) loquacious fellow. Below is his last episode in the series. (Too long, didn’t watch: it’s like The Parable of the Rich Fool, Luke 12:16-21) And yet, you might be surprised how it ends.




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