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To Jenny, Katie and Laura, From Their Brother, Victor

Political Ad December 13, 2015

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When you don’t own a TV, you get to avoid political ads. However, I very much enjoyed watching this one from Portlandia:



This PooPourri Ad Doesn’t Stink November 5, 2015

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It’s like they’re dropping a high school musical’s boy band off at the pool.



On Bursting Barristers, Beverages, & Babies October 24, 2015

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Based on a real instant message conversation:


Hey Laura, check out this about Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk:



[Laura:] What was that?!? I have no words.

The word you are looking for is: “Awesome.”

Reminds me of Powerthirst:



That’s a lot of babies.

Well, when you’re open to life…

Hopefully they are all from the same mother… or hopefully not?

If a mother has a 25 year window of fertility, she would have to have 16 babies a year.

I’m sure that Powerthirst could expand that window.

Good point.

I wonder how many kids a Powerthirst-drinking household would have after a decade? (Recall how Powerthirst accelerates puberty.)

It may also accelerate the growth of the preborn child as well. Babies having babies.

Like Tribbles.

Just what I was thinking.

So if Powerthirst increased your fertile years for your whole lifespan and you lived to be 100, that would only be 4 babies a year.

Much more reasonable.

Indeed. And they would be born thirsty.
I might have to blog this conversation.

If you type it while drinking Powerthirst, you will just have to think the words and they will pop up on the screen.

Or maybe one of the babies can type it for you.

If I pour the can out over my monitor, the blog will write itself from now on.

(*Spoken in Powerthirst voice*) Awesome!

If I do not receive said promise of super-fertility, do you know of any lawyers who would represent someone who has been drinking something they shouldn’t have?


Wow. August 23, 2015

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Simply, “Wow.”


“The Gentleman’s Wager” August 24, 2014

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A cool short film (an advertisement) starting Jude Law and That Guy.



I like this story for its sense of adventure and spirit of friendship. (It reminds me of amusements I’ve created for friends on a much smaller scale.) Yet, these luxury-trading rich men’s lives are as futile as the Other Guy’s knot — weaving and untying to no purpose. “Johnnie Walker Bluethe drink of choice for bored people much wealthier than you.”


An “Aww” Ad August 16, 2014

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Glad to have a dad.


A Generic Technology Company Commercial April 3, 2014

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They’re bringing you today tomorrow’s future now.