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Who Makes Better Movies: Hanks, McGregor, or DiCaprio? February 17, 2014

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I recall declaring when I was growing up, “Tom Hanks doesn’t make bad movies!” A League of Their Own! Forrest GumpToy Story! Then he made The DiVinci Code. Later, Ewan McGregor caught my attention as an actor whom I consistently enjoyed. Rogue Trader! Black Hawk Down! Moulin Rogue!! Then he made Angels & Demons… with Tom Hanks. (I kid, kid; I actually enjoyed both Dan Brown movies with annoyed amusement.)

As recently as 2011Leonardo DiCaprio was the highest paid actor in the world. Does this mean that DiCaprio is now better actor than both Hanks and McGregor? Our evaluating metric will be the Rotten Tomatoes ratings of the movies they have acted in.

Let’s begin with Hanks’ movies from 1980 to present:

Tom Hanks Rotten Tomatoes Movie Ratings (1980-2013)

It seems that Tom Hanks had a middling beginning, an amazing decade, and then less consistency of late. It can be hard to get good roles just starting out, so let’s consider his work since the time that he made it big, with Big in 1988:

Tom Hanks Rotten Tomatoes Movie Ratings (1989-2013)

Here is Ewan McGregor’s movie work since 1994:

Ewan McGregor Rotten Tomatoes Movie Ratings (1994-2013)

And this is DiCaprio’s body of work since 1991:

Leonardo DiCaprio Rotten Tomatoes Movie Ratings (1991-2013)

That 0% in 1991 is not a typo, it’s Critters 3: You Are What You Eat. For the same reasons as Hanks, let’s limit our chart to the movies since DiCaprio’s Oscar Nominated What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1994):

Leonardo DiCaprio Rotten Tomatoes Movie Ratings (1995-2013)

Based on all of the actors’ rated movies (without exceptions) their average movie ratings are as follows:
Hanks – 68.2% from 61 movies
DiCaprio – 61.4% from 31 movies
McGregor – 55.4% from 46 movies

Therefore, over their lifetimes to date, Tom Hanks has proven to be the actor who makes the best movies among the three.

The trendlines, however, would indicate that DiCaprio will surpass him in just five years’ time:

Hanks, DiCaprio, and McGregor Rotten Tomatoes Movie Ratings (1980-2013)

A Final Note: Definitely see Ewan McGregor’s Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2012) if you get the chance.  WARNING: This preview, like most previews, reveals the entire plot.  I recommend seeing it cold, like I did.


“Royals” Acapella December 22, 2013

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Florida State University’s AcaBelles powerfully covering Lorde’s Royals.
Have you seen Pitch Perfect? Dad observed that it has the same plot as Monster’s University.


Ender’s Candy Crush December 13, 2013

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If the Buggers had had a chocolate machine, humanity would have been lost.


Ender Wiggin’s Leadership Lessons November 1, 2013

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Long awaited, the movie Ender’s Game opens today in theaters. Forbes presents four leadership lessons we can learn from its hero (at least from the protagonist with the fantastic book.)


Save the Dates September 17, 2013

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Sep 22 – Start of Fall / Equinox (Sun Rises & Sets in the Middle of East-West Streets)
Nov 1 – The Release of Ender’s Game
Nov 3 – End of Daylight Savings (Clocks Set Back 1 Hour)
Nov 28 – Thanksgiving Day
Dec 13 – The Release of The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug
Dec 21 – Winter Solstice (Longest Night)

Jan 1 – Rose Bowl
Jan 6 – BCS National Championship Game
Feb 2 – Super Bowl Sunday
Feb 7 – Start of the Winter Olympics in Russia
Feb 23 – End of the Winter Olympics
Mar 2 – Academy Awards
Mar 4 – Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday”)
Mar 5 – Ash Wednesday
Mar 9 – Start of Daylight Savings (Clocks Set Ahead 1 Hour)
Mar 20 – Start of Spring / Equinox (Sun Rises & Sets in the Middle of East-West Streets)
Apr 5 – Sister Laura’s Due Date
Apr 18 – Good Friday
Apr 20 – Easter Sunday
May 5 – Cinco de Mayo
Jun 8 – Pentecost Sunday
Jun 12 – Start of the FIFA World Cup Tournament in Brazil
Jun 21 – Summer Solstice (Longest Daylight)
Jul 4 – The Fourth of July
Jul 14 – FIFA World Cup Championship Game
Jul 15 – MLB All-Star Game in Minneapolis
Sep 23 – Start of Fall / Equinox
Oct 23 – Start of the World Series
Nov 2 – End of Daylight Savings (Clocks Set Back 1 Hour)
Nov 4 – Election Day (Midterm Elections)
Nov 27 – Thanksgiving Day


Gameplay from Watch Dogs August 31, 2013

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Exceedingly timely, I predict this stunningly cool game will be a feature film in a few short years. (Viewer discretion strongly advised.)


Epic Civics July 26, 2013

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The Whitehorse City Council. “One does not simply walk into Whitehorse.