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Our Inspiring Grandma August 23, 2014

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Hip surgery and divine providence has brought Grandma Feltes to a nursing home. As Aunt Ellen reports:

We met a gentleman named Steve. He was telling us he was ready to “check out.” Mom told him she wanted to check out too and go home! He said, “Oh no I want to check out of life, I hate being a burden!”  I told him, “Don’t say that, I’m sure your family loves you very much!” Mom told him she was 96 years old and she fell and broke her hip and she had her hip replaced. She told him she’s doing therapy so she can go home! Mom told him she had nine children. He was amazed! He literally had tears come down his cheeks and he told mom she was a true inspiration to him! He told her she gave him motivation and he was going to work hard to go home too! Mom told him, “Good, you do that.” We saw him at dinner tonight and he told the people sitting at his table that they need to make sure they meet that “amazing woman.”

After dinner, I took mom to play Bingo. She won a whole dollar!


Neat Things About “A Man For All Seasons” August 22, 2014

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“A Man For All Seasons” was 1966’s Academy Award winner for Best Picture, and it is my all-time favorite movie.

Please Watch, Like, and Share my new YouTube video which presents a number of interesting things you never knew about this wonderful film.



Searching for Time Travelers on the Internet

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The table of contents to this interesting study:

1. Introduction
2. Types of Time Travelers
3. Searching for Prescient Content on the Internet
4. Searching for Prescient Search Queries
5. Requests for Time Travelers to Issue a Prescient Internet Communication
6. Summary and Conclusions


They Got the Beat August 21, 2014

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“Scare” Quotes August 20, 2014

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Along with scare quotes being used to say, “This term is misleading,” I think people enjoy the chance to employ a “[sic]” to say, “This person’s an idiot.”


Public Forum Satire August 19, 2014

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A serious point, wittily made.


Perverse Incentives August 18, 2014

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When government programs punish productivity it is foolishness for a person to work harder.



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