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Spoiling Star Wars October 20, 2015

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Spoiler Alert:

In this post, I will predict a big twist in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I am confident that I am correct about this.
Sincerely, in all seriousness, read no further if you want to watch this film with a clean slate.


The Force Awakens Poster

Look at the cast members listed on the poster above.
Who is the actor listed second among the stars?
And… where is he on this poster?

First, Luke’s father was revealed to be Darth Vader.
Next, Emperor Palpatine was revealed to be the Sith Lord.
And now, Luke Skywalker will be this film’s…

Coming soon:  Heated debates about Episode VII’s canonicity.


2 Responses to “Spoiling Star Wars”

  1. Couple of reasons that I think that your guess may be wrong.

    Mark Hamill was required to grow a beard for his part… which is made obsolete by a mask.

    The explanation put forward for the side beams on the red light saber is that it’s a crude construction. If you look at the toys that have been distributed, that seems to be backed up by the fact that the hilt is made to look like a crude cobbled together construction. (Unlikely something you would expect Luke to do)

    Luke does a voice-over in the second trailer that sounds like he’s talking to a potential other Jedi

    Then again… He’s not on the poster… and you’d think he’d be on the poster… and there’s that dude in a mask on the poster…

    • Fr. Victor Feltes Says:


      -Luke’s beard may be for flashbacks & the moment we see his face in a shocking reveal.
      -The light-saber hilt held on the poster above looks sleekly-enough made.
      -Luke’s trailer voice-over could be inviting someone to join the Dark Side of the Force.
      -In that same trailer, a cloaked figure with a robotic right hand touches R2-D2.
      -And finally, older Luke joining the Dark Side is a plot point in Star Wars literature.

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