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A Brave Act August 26, 2015

Filed under: Funny,Neat,Religion,Stuff — Fr. Victor Feltes @ 8:00 am

An interesting incident from a recent Last Comic Standing:

Some online commenters have not understood Norm MacDonald’s reply (e.g., “His response made no logical sense.”) Let me offer this explanation: If the comedian truly regards J.K. Rowling to be a great author for writing his favorite book, then he should not so flippantly disparage the Bible. That is because (according to MacDonald) Rowling is a Christian who respects the Scriptures and draws on them to create her own work. It’s not just a silly coincidence that the Gospels and the Potter series have main characters who lay down their lives for the salvation of the world. Rowling acknowledges herself as the student of another great author’s work and, as a man once said, “No disciple is superior to the teacher…”

After the show, Norm MacDonald added (in a now-deleted tweet): “When and if you ever say anything brave on stage, @HarrisonComedy, you will be the first to know because you will not be met with cheers.” Perhaps Norm thought that was being a little too hard on the young comic, but his point is very true. These days, it was a braver act for Norm MacDonald to speak as he did in that L.A. studio on national TV. It was admirable, yet not entirely surprising, considering Norm’s extensive background in biblical scholarship.


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