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Food People Trivia: Fictitious or Real March 8, 2015

Filed under: Neat,Stuff,Trivia — Fr. Victor Feltes @ 8:00 am

The names below are associated with famous food products. Some of these names were merely advertisers’ creations, while others belong actual people made famous by their brands. Highlight the text below to reveal which were people were Fictitious and which were Real.

  1. Aunt Jemima (Breakfast foods) Answer:  Fictitious
  2. Uncle Ben (Rice)  Real
  3. Mrs. Butterworth (Syrup)  Fictitious
  4. Mrs. Fields (Cookies)  Real
  5. Betty Crocker (Cooking products)  Fictitious
  6. Ronald McDonald (Fast food)  Fictitious
  7. Col. Sanders (Fried chicken)  Real
  8. Dr. Pepper (Soda)  Fictitious
  9. Chef Boyardee (Canned pasta)  Real
  10. Orville Redenbacher (Popcorn)  Real



2 Responses to “Food People Trivia: Fictitious or Real”

  1. Stephanie Hannasch Says:

    :) Fun. Does anyone remember the Popcorn commercial “Hi, I’m Orville Redenbacher from Valpariso Indiana…..” and I saw a special on Chef Boyardee and how his products actually came out of the world wars, trying to send food to our soldiers overseas. :)

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