Stuff My Sisters Will Like

To Jenny, Katie and Laura, From Their Brother, Victor

“The Gentleman’s Wager” August 24, 2014

Filed under: Commercials,Neat,Stuff — Fr. Victor Feltes @ 8:00 am

A cool short film (an advertisement) starting Jude Law and That Guy.



I like this story for its sense of adventure and spirit of friendship. (It reminds me of amusements I’ve created for friends on a much smaller scale.) Yet, these luxury-trading rich men’s lives are as futile as the Other Guy’s knot — weaving and untying to no purpose. “Johnnie Walker Bluethe drink of choice for bored people much wealthier than you.”


One Response to ““The Gentleman’s Wager””

  1. David Boyd Says:

    This reminds me of a purchase that a friend and I made many years ago. We entered a bid in a blind auction, and won a collectable Jethro Tull vinyl album. For years and years we gave it back and forth to one another as a Christmas gift, until, both of us having moved so often, we lost it.

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