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To Jenny, Katie and Laura, From Their Brother, Victor

Meet My Friend, Colleen Gran Schmoll April 20, 2014

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What song would you like to share with us?
I am liking that song “Happy” by Pharrel right now.

What is your line of work?
I have worked as a phlebotomist for 9 years.

What is a secret about your work that would surprise people?
Most people that are hard to get blood from aren’t really that upset with you when you have to poke them twice. That is very nice.

Colleen Gran Schmoll, Friend of Christ, Fashion Lover, & Phlebotomist

Colleen Gran Schmoll: Friend of Christ, Fashion Lover, & Phlebotomist

What question would you like to be asked?
I would like to be asked about my life as a Christian. How would I answer? I would tell about growing up as a Methodist and hating God because of my father’s death. Learning to love God at several evangelical churches through music and the truth that the Bible teaches. And then my move to the Catholic Church and spending 4 years “practicing” and finally deciding to become a Catholic after a young man in the choir asked me to be his sponsor for his confirmation.

What question are you tired of being asked?
I am tired of being asked if I am pregnant. Why, because I am not pregnant and it is rude.

What is some good advice that has impacted your life?
“Stop looking for a husband and you will find one.” It works!

What are your favorite websites?
I do like YouTube a lot. I am able to listen to songs that I like, learn whole musicals before I audition for them, and watch documentaries about Chernobyl and unusual medical conditions–and pretty much anything else.

What is something neat you came across recently on the internet?
I have found an interesting site with really cute dresses, including wedding and special occasion dresses called Everything is 50% to 80% off right now. Also, is a GREAT vintage style site. I love fashion!


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