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The April Madness Weather Challenge April 12, 2014

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With the NCAA’s March Madness Basketball Tournament behind us, and crazy spring weather upon us, perhaps you are in the mood to fill out another bracket.

The April Madness Weather Challenge is to correctly pick which U.S. cities had the higher high-temperatures on given days in the (arbitrarily-chosen) month of April, 1984. Without cheating by searching the internet, print and compete your bracket, and then click “more” below to reveal the answer key. Then finally, score your bracket and post a proud or humble comment.

April Weather Madness BracketNotes: In matches with tied temperatures, the lower seed advances. Cities are seeded according to their all-time average temperatures for April (with the better seed awarded to the more southern city wherever average April temperatures are equal.) The source for all historical temperature data is

Click to reveal the answer key:

April Madness Bracket Key



One Response to “The April Madness Weather Challenge”

  1. I probably would have gotten 22 points, correctly picking 12 of 15 games, and taking Honolulu through the championship.

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