Stuff My Sisters Will Like

To Jenny, Katie and Laura, From Their Brother, Victor

English Translated Into English March 18, 2014

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The “Our Papa” Prayer:

Our Papa, who is above, may you be revered. May your full rule arrive, may your wishes be fulfilled, in this world–just like where you are. Grant us today our constant needs, and pardon our sins, as we pardon people who sin toward us. And do not let us be tested, but rescue us from what is bad.

The Gettysburg Speech:

Eighty-seven years past, our ancestors established a new country in this land, created in freedom and committed to the idea of human equality.

We are now fighting an epic internal war challenging if this country, or any such country, can last for much time. We have gathered on a significant battleground of that conflict. We are here to commit part of this battleground as a cemetery for the men who died so that this country would not die. This is good for us to do.

However, in another way, we are unable to commit, unable to make holy, unable to honor, this earth. Those courageous soldiers, alive and deceased, who contended here, have sanctified it much more than we could feebly increase or take away. History will overlook and soon forget our words today, but it will always remember their deeds. It is instead we who live who must be committed today to completing the project that those who struggled here have heroically progressed. We must be committed to the important project still ahead of us–that the esteemed deceased here may inspire in us greater allegiance to the mission they offered their final sacrifice for–that we today become firmly committed that the death of these men will not be to no purpose, that this country, with the Almighty, will have a renewal in liberty–and that political systems of the many, by the many, for the many, will not die away in the world.

An interesting exercise, but either original version still art five-score-percent better than my rendering.


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