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To Jenny, Katie and Laura, From Their Brother, Victor

Catholic Youth Mission Trip Bingo Cards March 15, 2014

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Mystery Trip Bingo Card 1Mystery Trip Bingo Card 2Mystery Trip Bingo Card 3Mystery Trip Bingo Card 4

This summer, a youth mission trip from the Catholic Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin will go to do flood relief work at some mystery location in the United States. The kids don’t know where to they are going, but it will be to somewhere outside of Wisconsin and our neighboring states. To make their trip more interesting, I’ve created Bingo cards for them to play as four competing teams. Feel free to use and adapt them for the joy of your kids and the glory of God.

Sample Bingo Square Goals
Make a Call Using a Payphone
See New York and Idaho License Plates
Help Another Team Achieve One of Their Goals
All Sing the National Anthem at an American Flag
Beat Another Team’s Champion in Arm Wrestling (Three Tries Max)
See a Jail or Prison and All Pray an Our Father & Hail Mary for the Inmates

Scoring Rules
Each Goal Square Achieved (Including FREE) = 1 Point
Each Bingo = 2 Points
First Team to Score a Bingo = 1 Bonus Point
Achieving the Goals in All Four Corners = 2 Bonus Points
(Highest Possible Score = 52)


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