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Do Guns Reduce Murder? January 28, 2014

Filed under: Neat,Politics,Stuff,World Peace — Fr. Victor Feltes @ 8:00 am

U.N. statistics (circa 2007) point to an inverse relationship between the prevalence of gun ownership and homicides. (In other words, more guns => less murders, less guns => more murders.)


One Response to “Do Guns Reduce Murder?”

  1. I feel like the map is skewed a bit to make it’s point. I’ve seen other maps that are more specific (instead using 1-2 per 100000 3-4 per 100000 ect and they don’t show a clear correlation between guns and murder. This map lumps 0-5 per 100000 into one group, and that actually represents a pretty substantial difference Correlation ≠ Causation The UK for example is one of the lowest gun ownership countries, and it has a very low murder rate. Switzerland has one of the highest gun ownership rates, and also has one of the lowest murder rates. The united states has the highest gun ownership rates, and we are only in the middle of the pack world wide. Murder rates probably have a lot more to do with political and social climate than gun ownership rates.

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