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A Disputation Sung by St. Thomas Aquinas September 15, 2013

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On the Question of Whether Theology Is Worth Your Interest?

Objection One:  It isn’t fun.
Objection Two:  It isn’t true.
Objection Three:  It’s not for me.
Objection Four:  It’s such a bore.

But On The Contrary, Scripture said eventually you’ll turn up dead, and when you do you’ll want to know exactly which way you should go.

I Answer That, Theology, theology, it isn’t just tautology; it edifies your being like a spiritual technology. You deride it, you critique it, but you secretly still seek it; God and goodness are the ends to which your very nature tends.

I Reply Objection One: Theology is plenty fun.
And I Reply Objection Two: God’s highest in the genus “True”
And I Reply Objection Three: That Jesus died for you and me.
And I Reply Objection Four: That with these teachings you can soar–beyond just words and theory into the high Empyrean. All these concepts, once you’ve known them, lead you to the summum bonum.

(See St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica)


One Response to “A Disputation Sung by St. Thomas Aquinas”

  1. Liz Says:

    Now this is Evangalization! Bravo and God bless, Liz

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