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To Jenny, Katie and Laura, From Their Brother, Victor

#WarOnBabies Tweets From Bizarro World July 18, 2013

Filed under: Funny,Neat,Politics,Sad :-(,Stuff — Fr. Victor Feltes @ 8:00 am

In Bizarro World, where the Democratic Party is Pro-Life and the Republicans are Pro-Abortion, Democrats’ tweets look like this:

  1. Will you stand up to help #UnbornAmericans? Tell the GOP to stop their #WarOnBabies!
  2. Senator @Hicks (R-Alabama) cites Genesis on CNN: “fetuses” not alive “until they draw their first breath.” #WeirdScience
  3. The GOP: Anti-Science & Anti-Life #WarOnBabies #DumbHicks
  4. The least likely people in the world to be aborted? Old, Rich, White, Men, aka #Republicans. Coincidence? #WarOnBabies
  5. Despite chilly Jan. weather, 100,000’s of young people answer @BarackObama call to March for Life in Washington, D.C. #March4Life
  6. Happening Now: @BarackObama addresses vast crowds @March_for_Life—Watch it Live on all Major Networks #March4Life
  7. @BarackObama @March_for_Life: “I urge every expectant mother, frightened by the new life within her, to have the audacity of hope.”
  8. #TeaPartyMath THEN: 1 Black American = 3/5 Person. NOW: Unborn American = No Person.
  9. Why the #WarOnBabies? GOP doesn’t want another Black President: Abortion Rate of Black Women Far Exceeds Other Groups. #racism
  10. Which of these is not like the others: #BigAbortion, #BigOil, #BigTobacco, #BigBird? HINT: It’s the only 1 good for kids & only 1 GOP hates
  11. The GOP fights to keep #filthyclinics open while the @DNC works to clean them up. #WarOnWomen
  12. The #1Percent wouldn’t let their dogs operated on in these #filthyclinics, except maybe @MittRomney. #Seamus
  13. RT @HuffingtonPost Poll: Most Americans disagree with #ExtremistGOP, 59% Favor Federal #Abortion Ban After 20 Weeks.
  14. Shame on #ExtremistGOP for opposing bans on sex-selection abortions. #WarOnBabies #WarOnWomen
  15. @HouseGOP budget cuts $25 million in #adoption funding but keeps corporate jets tax breaks for the #1Percent. #Outrageous
  16. #ExtremistGOP supports the #DeathPenalty for both the guilty and the innocent. #WarOnBabies #PartyOfDeath
  17. Abortion, Death Penalty, Guns, War. Can the #ExtremistGOP support or imagine any solutions that don’t involve killing people?
  18. The logo for Republican #abortion BFF NARAL is Lady Liberty. “Give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free?” Guess not. #hypocrisy
  19. Mission Accomplished: RT @CodePink baby powders pro-abortion conservative at speech.
  20. Regarding #WarOnBabies: Are Republicans stupid, evil, or both? Discuss.

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