Stuff My Sisters Will Like

To Jenny, Katie and Laura, From Their Brother, Victor

Nobel Shattered Prize Winners October 24, 2012

Filed under: Funny,History,Politics,Sad :-(,Stuff — Fr. Victor Feltes @ 8:00 am

Recent Nobel Peace Prize Winners:
2001:  Kofi Annan and the United Nations
2002:  President Jimmy Carter
2007:  Vice-President Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
2009:  President Barack Obama
2012:  The European Union (EU)

Future Nobel Peace Prize Winners:
2013:  The Children’s Television Workshop (Sesame Street)
2015:  Tim Berners-Lee and the Internet
2017:  President Bill Clinton
2019:  The Muslim Religion
2022:  You!

This international award for peacemakers has been a powerful force for good.  It’s sad that their recent questionable picks have lessened its gravitas.


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