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Stephen Colbert, Catechist, Phrasesmith June 4, 2011

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“A great thing about the weekend is the way it strengthens the weak.”

According to Google, the original phrase (coined by me) above has perhaps never been expressed or seen on the internet until this very post. It might seem impossible to ever form an original idea, yet it may be easier than you think to compose a sentence that no one has ever written or spoken before.

For example, I suspect this interview between Stephen Colbert and Dr. Philip Zimbardo, a former Stanford psychologist and author of The Lucifer Effect, contains a phrase previously unspoken on human lips. Enjoy.
Video Rated R for Language


One Response to “Stephen Colbert, Catechist, Phrasesmith”

  1. Fr. Andy DeKeyser Says:

    This is very interesting to me. I have been fascinated with the idea of saying things that have never been said before, ever since I saw a documentary on PBS probably 10-15 years ago. The documentary was narrated by George Carlin (who had to clean up his language for PBS). He said on the program that one of the things that he really loves about human language is that once you learn the words and the grammar, you can rearrange them in new ways to say things that have never been said before. Then, Carlin says, “When I say that most people do not believe me (that you can say something that has never been said), so let me give you an example:
    Yesterday, I went golfing with Hitler’s widow, and I kicked her *%$! [butt]”
    Carlin then said, “No one has ever said that before.”

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