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Something I’m Giving Up For Lent March 9, 2011

Filed under: Neat,Politics,Stuff — Fr. Victor Feltes @ 7:00 am

Just because (one of the things) I’m giving up for Lent is conservative political blogs doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them yourself. 
My favorites:
5. PowerLineBlog
4. HotAir – I particularly recommend Ed Morrissey’s posts.
3. The Corner –  National Review Online
2. Instapundit – His blog is so big that if he links you it’s an Instalanche.
1. Ace of Spades – The frat house of conservative blogging.


One Response to “Something I’m Giving Up For Lent”

  1. victorfeltes Says:

    The Madison Republicans have limited the teachers’ unions’ collective barginning by passing a separate, stand-alone bill. Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up political blogs. (

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