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A Generic Technology Company Commercial April 3, 2014

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They’re bringing you today tomorrow’s future now.


Becoming The Most Interesting Man in the World March 30, 2014

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Actor Jonathan Goldsmith relates how his adventures began.


Beans! February 16, 2014

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Uncovered footage: Why we’re not going back to the moon.


The New 1996 Nissan Commercial January 10, 2014

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If you touch it, you might total it, but Nissan bought their car back because of this commercial.


Inside a Birdhouse January 6, 2014

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Have you ever wondered what birds do in their birdhouses? This footage indicates that they make themselves at home.


Snowmen January 3, 2014

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Like weeping angels, they move when you blink.



Drive Carefully? September 12, 2013

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A Public Service Announcement asks you to consider the consequences.


“Get Your Shopping Done Early!” August 9, 2013

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There are only 10,000 more days until Christmas… in the year 2040.
So why not buy someone a book?

I am currently selling books on Ebay starting at 99¢.
Place a bid and support your humble blogger.

99¢ is actually rather conventional for a starting price.


Epic Civics July 26, 2013

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The Whitehorse City Council. “One does not simply walk into Whitehorse.


My Sisters Like Mr. Zesty May 23, 2013

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Selling dressing through undressing, this guy seems to be the newest member among the Men of Legend.


Happy Mothers Day May 12, 2013

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Moms are wonderful, especially Mom.


K-Mart’s Charming Suggestion April 17, 2013

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K-Mart thinks their new offer is so wonderful that you might just “ship your pants.


“And Now, A (Quieter) Word From Our Sponsor” December 14, 2012

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While evil is noisy and makes headlines, goodness works quietly and goes unnoticed. Thus, I link to this newly enacted TV regulation to ensure that this good news is appreciated.


Popular Mechanics Predicts December 12, 2012

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110 Predictions for the Next 110 Years

I find the near-term technologies interesting, but I take their long range predictions with a grain of salt.

I mean, when I heard Capt. Sisko’s turn-of-the-century question, I was like “yeah” and filled with indignation.


Dumb Ways to Die November 25, 2012

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A cute public service announcement that may perhaps save your life… if you’re dumb.


Jesus, Soccer & Beer November 21, 2012

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Stylistically and thematically related:

A Heineken Soccer Ad

A Beer with Jesus


Lord of the Wings November 7, 2012

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If you are disappointed with last night’s outcome, may I suggest your flight out of the country be on a Boeing 777-300ER Air New Zealand flight.


Being a Kid Can be Tough Sometimes October 29, 2012

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A Hamster Incident

Why We Knock


“Dah-dah-dah, Dah-dah-dah” October 25, 2012

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Welcome to SportsCenter… commercials.


No Walk in the Park August 10, 2012

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Don’t let this happen to you!

(Warning: contains some comical blood splatter you might not like.)

Post-Post: The posted video (regarding the Mario Bros.) was posted in error. Had it contained any blood splatter, any at all, I would have kept it posted as is, but since it does not, the originally-intended video has replaced it. SMSWL regrets the error.


“That Phone Number Rings A Bell” July 29, 2011

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Famous Phone numbers:
3. A Floor Carpet Empire (1-800-588-2300)
2. A New York Hotel (212-PE6-5000)
1. Another Jenny (867-5309)
Does your phone number spell something memorable? Find out here.


Men of Legend July 16, 2011

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Their prowess is potent.
Their features are manly.
They are… Men of Legend.
Let us recall and trace the lineage of their virile greatness…

Paul Bunyan
The Northern North American exploits of this giant among lumberjacks were first reported in the U.S. in 1910, though his deeds date back to 1837. Though he has cleared millions of acres of woodland, Greenpeace has never dared to criticize him or his massive axe. He and his faithful companion, Babe the Blue Ox, are responsible for forming most of the bodies of water throughout the Upper Midwest.

Mike Ditka
Since 1991, this Super Bowl winning Chicago football coach has held the undefeated respect of his superfan admirers. Once, in the gap between Green Bay’s glory days, Ditka led the Da Bears in a 238 to negative 2 win over the Packers. (Ditka found a way.) It has been said that in a theoretical matchup between Ditka and a hurricane, Ditka would triumph effortlessly (unless the hurricane was named “Ditka.”)

Bill Brasky

Since 1996, on bar stools across the country, colleges and buddies have looked up to this 10 foot tall, successful business man and universally acknowledged SOB. It is said that he showers in grain alcohol, sheds his skin once a year, and uses his thigh as an anvil. He framed Roger Rabbit. Brasky was once seen scissor-kicking Angela Lansberry, and has been known to ride upon a steed perchance to spy a lady.

Chuck Norris
Facts about this roundhouse-kicking hero’s powers of manliness began sweeping the Internet in early 2005. Reportedly, Chuck Norris does not sleep, he waits. His tears can cure cancer, unfortunately he has never cried. Chuck Norris can divide by zero. Ghosts sit around their campfires and tell Chuck Norris stories.

The Most Interesting Man in the World
Many know of him now due to his 2006 personal endorsement: “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.” This international man of sophistication has lived a truly amazing life. So much so, that when he goes to Rome, they do as he does.

The Old Spice Guy
This confident, suave, and fresh-smelling man has been showered with female admirers since his first appearance in February of 2010. Just watch him being manly.

Keith Stone
The always smooth and all-‘Merican Keith Stone has been Keystone Light’s spokesman since early 2010. He is perhaps the most recent among the men of legend, but he will surely not be the last.


Inner Child’s Day Out July 15, 2011

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An ad about living in the state of play.
Rated PG


A Syfy Original May 26, 2011

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Ghost Spiders
Video Rated PG for Phastatic Ghosts


“Awwom Buhh!” May 25, 2011

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Remember who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel?
Video Rated G for Got Milk


“Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!” May 8, 2011

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The Ultimate Dog Tease and some of John Candy’s best work , circa 1992.
Videos rated G


“Hello Ladies…” March 30, 2011

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I thought they did it all with computers. I had no idea the ad was this awesome!
Old Spice – Behind the Scenes
Plus: A Lucky Old Spice Man-Fan
Videos Rated G


A Second Coming Sale December 13, 2010

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End of the World Sale
Everything Must Go !

A friend of mine from seminary once asked his fundamentalist hospital co-worker if he could have her stuff once she got raptured away. 
“No,” she replied, “that’s going to my family!” 
I thought of that story when I saw this commercial hailing from Superior, Wisconsin. 
Now, if I’m a potential customer, and this man convinces me that the world is ending soon, why would I want to buy gold jewlery?



Cool Car Commercials December 11, 2010

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Nissan’s 1989 Ad with Christie Brinkley elicits quite a reaction.
Remember VW’s 1999 Synchonicity Spot?
And The Best Ad of 2010, which is actually selling nothing at all.

All Ads Rated G


“Where’s Conan?” November 21, 2010

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Conan of India
Video Rated G, for Ghanges
Fun Fact: 10,000 Indian Rupees is $224.37. Not a bad price for fine silk, but ironically, Doolichand doesn’t take American Express.



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